What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation is basically a surgical procedure where individual hair follicles are moved from a region of your body, referred as donor site, to the bald area of the body, which is referred as recipient site. Hair transplantation is one of the most effective procedures carried out widely today to treat baldness. This procedure is considered to be the minimal invasive method where grafts comprising hair follicles are genetically resistant to the bald area. Hair transplantation is also recommended to patients who want to restore their eyelashes, beard hair, eyebrows, pubic hair and chest hair and also to reduce the scars caused due to accident or surgery like previous hair transplants or face-lifts. Perfect and creative hair transplantation in Delhi is what we try to our best at Care Well Medical Centre. The in-depth knowledge and aesthetics allow the professionals at Care Well to impart results that are not just only natural looking, but aesthetically pleasing too.

We have rich expertise in the field and can tailor-made the procedures to suit the unique requirements of the patients. Our experience and knowledge allow us to customize the graft density, hairlines, and the distribution pattern according to the needs and hence help us to achieve great outcomes to satisfy our clients.

When you should go for Hair Transplant?

Timing for hair transplantation should be considered vigilantly. In most of the cases, teens start losing hair in their early years and going for transplantation in twenties is not a good decision indeed as the original hair may start falling off after few years, leaving them with baldness even after transplantation. But, patients who crossed 25 years are the considered to be the best candidate for hair transplantation. Although their original hair may start falling off in their later years, but they can still go for another session of translation later in their life. It is always better to consult your doctor before undergoing a transplantation sessions as they can better understand the rate of hair fall and recommend you the best time for transplantation.

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