Reasons of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Naturally, our hair grow approximately 1 centimeter every month and if the growth is abnormal or slow, then it is the matter of concern as this is the cause of baldness or hair loss to some women and men. Usually, males are the potential victim of hair loss or baldness. Genetics as well as hormonal issues can be the root cause of hair loss in men and women and it is beyond one’s control. However, scientists are extremely doing well and researching to identify the elements that lead to such conditions, but still the genes affecting baldness is mystery.

In most of the cases, males start experiencing hair loss or baldness from their teenage, especially if the person encounters constant changes in their hormonal balance or excessive production of androgens. It has been found that most of the males are susceptible to such hormones and hence they experience hair loss from their teenage and some of them get such hair loss problem hereditarily. Conversely, women population across the globe start experiencing baldness or hair fall right after their menopausal period because in this period their body fails to produce sufficient amount of estrogen and the production of the androgen hormones also increase automatically.

Surgeries, shock, anxiety, high level of stress and therapies are some of the other reasons due to which most of men and women become victims of hair loss or baldness. Scalp impairment is another good reason of hair loss and it is caused due to heavy usages of strong shampoos which can possibly cause hair loss in men and women. Blood circulation in the hair follicles of scalp is not proper and hence it makes the hair to starve when strong shampoo is used and it can gradually lead to baldness. Moreover, the strong shampoos eliminate the natural minerals and oils of hair.

In women, it is has been found that birth control pills have adverse impact on the hormonal balance of the women and this may lead to hair thinning or baldness. Infections and diseases are another great reason for hair loss in women. Medications that are being used to treat conditions like diabetes and ringworm infection can also affect a person to excessive hair fall. Some of the other physical reasons for baldness and hair loss in men and women are hormonal imbalance, menopause and deficiency of vitamin. However, the deficiency of vitamin can be fulfilled with different supplements that are available today. There are different medical treatments available that can treat the condition of hormonal imbalance in patients.

In some cases, it has been found that patients undergoing cancer treatment also encounter hair loss or baldness during their treatment procedures. The primary side effect of chemotherapy and high radiation used to treat cancer is baldness and hair loss

Some of the other mythical reasons for hair loss in men and women include – too much of lovemaking, wearing caps for long hours daily, oversize brain choking out the hair roots etc. All these reasons are only myth and not true.If you experience hair anxiety then go ahead and seek expert assistance from medical and certified professionals as there are effective treatments available today, so don’t panic.

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