Micro-Needling Therapy/Mesotherapy in Delhi (South Delhi)

Mesotherapy or micro-needling therapy is the best hair loss treatment today that helps to treat male pattern baldness and reduce hair loss in females. This hair loss treatment in Delhi is widely recommended today that not just only promote hair growth, but also reduces male pattern baldness naturally. Mesotherapy is the non-surgical hair loss treatment that regulates required vitamins, proteins and other nutrients and growth factors in scalp of the patients who are suffering from hair loss or balding. Mesotherapy or micro needling therapy is considered to be the best and result-oriented hair loss treatment in Delhi today which is performed by injecting boosters and nutrients into the scalp with the help of injection gun to promote nourishment and hydrate the scalp for hair growth.

Mesotherapy is also acclaimed to initiate cell metabolism in scalp, eradicating infections, accelerating hair growth, promote natural hair growth, enhancing blood circulation in scalp, reviving and strengthening hair follicles so that it can create voluminous, dense, healthy, long, strong and refreshing tresses. Mesotherapy is the fastest and quickest hair loss treatment* in Delhi today that restores the hormonal imbalance and also normalizes the effects of DHT hormones, thus promoting hair growth of new hair strands.

In the process of Mesotherapy, the surgeon injects nutrient rich liquids into the mesoderm of scalp; it is the layer present under the epidermis which acts as the link between the layer of fat and tissue of skin. Specialized injection gun is used to inject the liquid into the mesoderm. This hair loss treatment in Delhi is widely recommended and spans over a period of 8-9 sittings, one sitting every week for half an hour. The liquid injected into the mesoderm comprises essential nutrients, vitamins and tissue friendly substances and it is considered to be the safest and quickest hair loss treatment in Delhi today that has no side effects and any allergic reactions. Apart from hair loss, Mesotherapy is also recommended to patients suffering from the problem of dandruff. But, it should only be suggested when patients are suffering from severe dandruff problems and after consulting a certified dermatologist.

Benefits of Mesotherapy or Micro-Needling Therapy

Mesotherapy is the non-invasive procedure to treat hair thinning and other non-cosmetic problems. The procedure involves injecting of vitamins, nutrients and other tissue friendly substances into the scalp of the patient to treat hair thinning, hair loss problems in men and women. Since it is a non-surgical procedure to treat hair loss, patients are not likely to experience any risk of scarring, cuts or incisions, thereby there is no down time or recovery period. Mesotherapy offers the patients with lasting effects and the effective treatments help them to maintain the results for years to come. There is no chance of experiencing any discomfort or pain, except the pricks of needle. The primary benefit of Mesotherapy is that it helps you to grow new hair strands naturally.

After Care

As already mentioned, there is no downtime or recovery period in the treatment procedure and hence patients can go back to their home immediately after the session is over. However, there are few after treatment instructions which they need to follow to achieve effective results. Moreover, you are required to remove the toxins from your diet and follow a healthy exercise program after the treatment.

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