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Care Well Medical Centre has been the pioneer and renowned Cosmetic Surgery Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi that is monitored and governed under the supervision of well-known and visionary Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, having over 17 years of experience in the field with proven track record of successful hair transplantations and cosmetic surgeries with varied advanced techniques and technologies.

Hair Loss Treatment

Great Results with HLCC’s Low Level Laser Therapy + Mesotherapy & PRP

Care Well Medical Centre is the certified and authorized center to conduct HLCC’s Laser Hair Loss Therapy in Delhi. It not just only treats hair loss problems with laser technology by HLCC, but also offers exceptional treatment for baldness and hair loss with laser therapy in conjunction with HLCC products and therapies. HLCC or Hair Loss Control Clinic is the pioneer and global leader in offering world class laser hair loss treatment that has helped thousands of people globally to combat against hair loss problems with its innovative and advanced laser therapy. HLCC is globally acclaimed today for offering successful hair loss treatment to both men and women and has been providing world class hair loss solution for over 27 years. The clinic is known for its innovative techniques, therapies and low level lasers that are the part of hair fall treatment for over 20 years. With its successful track records, HLCC has successfully marked its footprints in over 200 locations in over 30 countries and serving the patients with its proven laser therapies and hair hygiene products.

Now HLCC is looking forward expand its horizon in Indian market through its certified and authorized partner, Care Well Medical Center in Delhi, India.The pioneer in hair loss treatment and cosmetic surgeries, Care Well Medical Center in Delhi is now authorized to offer highest quality doctor-directed laser hair loss treatment in Delhi in conjunction with other HLCC products and nutritional products required for hair loss treatment. Care Well Medical Center is acclaimed for offering best in class hair loss solution in Delhi and helping patients of all ethnicities with hair loss, with its patented hair loss treatments, products and FDA approved Low Level Laser Therapyby HLCC.

Painless, Safe and Effective


Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Hair Therapy or LHT is basically a non-invasive, advanced hair loss treatment that can help patients to combat against hair loss and baldness painlessly. LHT has been in practice for over 30 years all around the world and it is considered effective and safe hair loss treatment. In the process, a device comprising 160 therapeutic soft low light level lasers is utilized and the device produces light energy that is directed to the head for treatment. This procedure basically works in similar theory, as that of photo-bio-stimulation where the light energy stimulates the cell metabolism and repairs the damaged cells for natural hair growth. Read more...



Microneedle roller therapy

This hair loss treatment is basically a conjunction of two therapies called Micro-Needling Therapy and Mesotherapy. In the process, a specialized roller is used that comprises micro needles. The device is rolled over the skin to puncture it gently and it is known to offer exceptional outcomes* in hair loss cases. The process works with micro injuries into the skin that encourages to cells to regenerate and heal. The process is known to improve circulation of blood that stimulates natural hair growth by increasing the nutrient supply to the follicle. Due to increased blood circulation the DHT levels reduce significantly from the hair papilla. Read more...

Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP Therapy)

PRP therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is the advanced hair loss treatment for all patients with hair loss or baldness problems. This is the best alternative to hair substitution surgery which is widely used today by transplant specialists. In the process, the surgeon withdraws around 100ml of blood from patients and centrifuged. This progressive hair loss treatment promises to build impacts of PRP helps, specifically for hair loss cases. Read more...


360 degree HLCC product

Being the authorized center to use HLCC products and therapies, Care Well Medical Center in Delhi specializes in offering comprehensive 360° approach to stop hair loss problems. Besides, we also offer high quality hair hygiene and hair care products and exceptional medical consultations to patients looking for the best and tailor-made hair loss treatment in Delhi. Our physicians and surgeons are accustomed with the fact that every individual is different and hence require customized treatments for its specific hair loss issues. Therefore, we design treatment programs that comprise different approved hair loss therapies that are offered in conjunction with application of best in class products and nutrients by HLCC for exceptional outcomes.

We only focus on offering clinically and FDA approved hair hygiene and hair care products like HLCC Scripts in combination of different therapies that are designed to treat hair loss conditions and other scalp and hair conditions, broken or damaged hair, traction alopecia and others. All hair care products prescribe by our surgeons is very helpful for hair loss treatment* and scalp hygiene which is essential for 360° approach to stop hair loss. Some of the products include oral and topical DHT inhibitors, growth stimulators, laser treatment, vitamins and better hair & scalp nutrition and health.


  • Care Well Medical Center is the certified partner of HLCC and hence carries out advanced laser therapy for hair loss
  • We designed multi-therapeutic approach that easily fits into anyone’s daily routine
  • We specialize in a variety of successful hair loss treatment and programs
  • We design programs to help people promote natural hair growth and prevent future hair loss issues
  • Different Hair Loss Treatment offered for men and women


All our hair loss treatment programs are designed to help patients combat against following hair loss conditions:

Male Pattern Baldness: Male pattern baldness is also called as andro-genetic alopecia and it is the most common kind of hair loss in males. After a certain period of time, most of the males suffer from the hair loss problem which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition. Now Male Pattern Baldness Treatment in Delhi is quite affordable at Care Well medical Centre.

Female Pattern Baldness: Female Pattern Hair Loss or Female pattern baldness is the distinctive type of hair loss that usually occurs in females with andro-genetic alopecia. In this condition, there is spread thinning of hair on scalp of the patient owing to the increase hair shedding or reduction of hair volume or both. Normally, in this condition a female loses up to 100 hairs per day. Visit Care Well Medical Centre for affodable female pattern baldness treatment in Delhi.

Alopecia Areata: Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicle of the person mistakenly. However, damage to the follicle is not permanent and it is still not proved why the immune system attacks the follicles mistakenly due to which hair loss occurs. Alopecia areata is the common disorder amongst the younger generation. The condition beings with clumps of hair fall and round hairless patches on scalp.

Broken & Damaged Hair: Beautiful and natural looking hair is a dream of many. Unfortunately, after certain period of time you may have broken or damaged hair, especially if they are not taken care of properly. The split ends of the hair are referred as broken hair and your hairs tend to get damaged due to sun rays, pollution and for various other reasons.

Traction Alopecia:Traction alopecia is the hair loss condition that occurs due to persistent or repetitive pulling or traction on hair roots. Ponytails or tight bands that are used to tie the hair can pull hard enough on hair and make them fall out. If you notice hair falling out while pulling your hair band then it is the symptom of Traction alopecia.

Thinning Hair:Thinning of hair is a condition where hair loses consistently from the scalp of the person. Thinning hair can be a normal process of ageing or it can be caused to various other reasons. Age factor makes hair become thin. A person may notice thinning hair when looking into the mirror, like widening parting or receding hairline.


Hair loss Treatment in Delhi
Female Patient using Complete Saw Program Laser (Twice Weekly) for 45 Minutes. AFTER ONLY 2 Months!!
Hair fall treatment in Delhi
60 + Year Old Female Befor and After View of Magnified Scalp.
40 + Year Old Female After 8 Months of Product & Laser Therapy.
Patient Suffering form Alopecia Areata with Excellent Results.
Female Patient in Mid-30's with Remarkable Results.

45 + male patient with exceptional thickness and body repair.


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