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Tresses are the most crucial part of our body and it plays a very pivotal role in increasing the personality and confidence of the person. Unfortunately, today you will notice a large group of people across the nation are suffering from the problem of hair loss and pattern baldness. And hence they need something effective and result-oriented that can help them overcome the problem. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is the old method to treat baldness for people who are suffering from the problem of baldness or hair loss. In this process hairs are transplanted from the areas which are not prone to baldness and reside on different sides or the back of the scalp where hair is resistant to baldness or hair loss. But, several latest and more advanced hair transplantation methods has been introduced that can help you get from baldness without scarring and pain and one such method id FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

FUT hair loss treatment is performed under local anesthesia where the scalp of the patient is anesthetized so that surgeon can remove the strip of tissues from the donor area. The surgeon carefully extracts the strips of tissues and then the donor strip is carefully cut into small fragments using a microscopic detection technique. The surgeons then prepare grafts and then small holes are made in the recipient area where implantation will be done. Basically the quantity of grafts determine the aesthetic qualities of the transplantation in FUT method and the decision is actually taken by the surgeon after considering the medical history and severity of hair loss in patients. This is the old method of hair transplantation and FUT hair transplantation is performed using stereo microscopic technique where dissection is used that enable the surgeons to allow follicular units remain completely isolated from donor strip and hence preventing them to getting damaged during the process.

Today, FUE hair transplantation in Delhi is one of the popularly opted alternative of FUT for hair loss issues and it provides effective results to the patients and is painless too. FUT is actually called as strip method that provide the patients with ample opportunities of transplanting and harvesting huge amount of grafts and the wastage of follicular units are very minimal in this process, but it has several disadvantages associated to it.

Step by Step Procedure of FUT Hair Transplantation in Delhi

FUT Hair Transplantation is the most economical hair loss treatment in Delhi today and a large number of people undergo this surgical procedure to cope up with their hair loss issues or baldness. Initially consultation with the certified surgeon is very crucial to better understand all the aspects of this surgical hair loss treatment. The surgeon will give you with some pre and post operative instructions which you need to follow to better outcomes.

  • In the first step, the patients are prepared mentally for the FUT hair transplantation procedure. In the surgical procedure the strip from back of your scalp that are resistant to baldness or hair loss will be removed carefully and then transplanted into the balding region or recipient area after carefully dissecting the strip for follicles.
  • Second step is to trim the donor area. It is important to trim the donor area prior to the surgery which allows the doctor to remove the hair follicles easily from the trimmed donor area.
  • After the donor area is trimmed, it will be prepared for surgery. For surgery, the donor area will be anesthetized. The doctors will use local anesthesia to conduct surgery in the donor area. The doctors will then remove the donor tissue carefully using specialized tools and equipments. The donor tissue comprises hair loss resistant follicles which are removed surgically.
  • The fourth step is to the trim the donor tissue into follicular unit grafts. The surgeons make use of microscopes to view the donor tissues carefully and dissect them and prepare follicular units hair grafts for transplantation.
  • This method is referred as out-penitent treatment procedure so the patients can go back home on the same day after treatment is completed
  • The fifth step is to prepare the recipient area where the transplantation will be conducted. The recipient area is also anesthetized to prepare it for hair transplantation. There is no requirement of shaving or trimming in the top recipient area.
  • The surgical procedure starts with incisions that are made in the recipient area. The incisions are made in irregular patterns so as to mimic nature. The surgeons carefully place the follicular unit grafts into the tiny incisions made in recipient area. Usually, the surgeons place the smallest one and two hair grafts at the front hairline, while the 3 and 4 hair grafts are usually placed at the back of hairline. The tiny incisions made at recipient area will heal quickly and the scabbing and redness in the recipient area is normal which will clear up within a week. The transplanted hair follicles will grow as per usual*.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplantation in Delhi

Although there are different types of hair loss treatments offered by certified surgeons in Delhi, but the best option after FUE is FUT method. There are a wide variety of benefits* associated with FUT procedure.

  • It ensures maximization of number of hair grafts that can be easily harvested into single hair transplant session.
  • Second step is to trim the donor area. It is important to trim the donor area prior to the surgery which allows the doctor to remove the hair follicles easily from the trimmed donor area.
  • This hair transplantation procedure helps to transplant over 4000 grafts in single session & is best for the patients who want complete hair*.
  • The chance of having damaged hair grafts is very less* in FUT and this surgical procedure enables the surgeons to harvest and process the grafts effectively under specialized microscope that reduce the chance of damaging or trans-section of hair follicles.
  • This is low laborious surgery than its counterpart and can be your affordable hair restoration solution.
  • The harvesting surgeries are performed in very less time and patients experienced very less issues with the new hair.

Before Treatment

If you are really concerned about your hair transplantation and want to have a successful and pleasant surgery then it is important for you to follow the pre-operation restrictions and instructions provided to you by the surgeon. These before treatment instructions are not just only crucial for the success of the hair transplantation, but also boost the healing process and overall success of FUT hair transplantation.

Moreover, patients are required to keep the hair at recipient region short enough so that surgeon can implant hair follicles easily and in less time. Smoking is strictly prohibited for the patients before the treatment procedure. Apart from that surgeons will provide you with few supportive medications which you need to consume regularly prior to your surgery. The surgeons will ask you to do regular exercises at one week prior to surgery so as to increases the elasticity of the scalp and this is very helpful for the success of the transplantation.

After Treatment

It is very important for the patients to follow all the post operative instructions provided by the surgeon in order to ensure optimal healing and growth of transplanted hairs. Some of the patients may feel numbing at the donor area but it will disappear automatically on its own. Moreover, redness and swelling in the area of recipient is usual which will also disappear within first week of surgery. After the surgery, the patients may also experience soreness discomfort and swelling and surgeons will prescribe you few painkillers to alleviate the condition. The post operative instructions include taking care of treated area carefully, washing of hair and looking after the growth of hair.

After Care

Here are few after care tips after FUT hair transplant:

  • You are required to sleep with head elevated for few days post surgery
  • After 10 days the hair grafts will become stable and hence you can resume to your normal shampooing sessions and hair care
  • You are required to avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 4 days after the surgery
  • You must wear hat or cap before going out of your house to avoid strong sun rays and continue this for at least 2 weeks after the surgery and you may also use sunscreen with 30 or higher SPF
  • Hair cut can be done only after 3 weeks and you can start dyeing your hair after 4 weeks of surgery.
  • You must avoid rigorous exercising sessions for at least a week.

Risk Involved in FUT

Alike all other surgical procedure, FUT also has a negligible amount of risk. This surgical procedure is quite safe and highly successful, but some issues might arise because it is very difficult to foresee how the procedure will work on every patient as all are different. Complications are very rare in this procedure, especially if certified and experienced surgeon performs the surgery. Minor issues may arise but it can be dealt with, without any adverse affect on final results. Some of the possible risk involved:

  • Slow or poor hair growth
  • Infections
  • Visible Scarring
  • Poor healing

When to Expect Results

The new hair that is transplanted starts growing within 10 weeks*. In 6 months time the newly transplanted hairs will grow fully* which you can groom easily and to have completely grown hair you need to wait for 1 year*.

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