FUE Hair Transplantation in Delhi

Hair loss or baldness is becoming the major concern for many people today and to address such issues medical science has come forth with a revolutionary method for hair transplantation called FUE Hair Transplantation. FUE Hair Transplantation in Delhi has turned out to be the most effectual and cost effective solution for many people in India and aboard. It is considered to be the best and most effective solution for baldness or hair loss. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the most advanced method that is employed to take out the donor hair follicles. This technique the has become the most effective alternative to traditional strip method harvesting where the linear strip of skin needs to be removed from donor area so as to get hair follicles for transplantation into bald or thinning areas of the head.

How FUE is being performed?

In this method, the cosmetic surgeon actually plucks out the hair follicles one by one. Thereafter, all the extracted follicles are either transplanted concurrently in bald areas or they are gathered into artificial medium so as to preserve them alive outside the body. Once the surgeon collects sufficient amount of grafts they start transplantation process where they transplant the grafts in recipient area one by one. FUE hair transplantation in Delhi has become very popular in last few years, owing to its effective and satisfactory results and advantages associated to it.

FUE hair transplantation in Delhi and other metro cities is popularly selected by people because it is the non stitch or invasive method where only grafted follicular units are implanted in bald areas. It is painless process and hence opted by many people to achieve great results. This method ensures minimal possibility of scars and increased hair density*.

FUE hair transplantation is conducted under local anesthesia by certified surgeons having years of experience in offering exceptional and best hair loss treatment in Delhi.

What are The Benefits of FUE Method?

Following are some of the possible benefits of FUE hair transplantation that make it an option of choice for people who are searching for exceptional hair transplantation in Delhi:

  • No visible scars on skin after or during the process
  • Patients doesn’t experience any kind of swelling or inflammation after the procedure
  • The hair in the donor area looks as if no hair has been extracted from scalp
  • Since it is a non-invasive method so there is no use of stitching or scalpel
  • This method is referred as out-penitent treatment procedure so the patients can go back home on the same day after treatment is completed
  • Patients never encounter any kind of wounds and no nerve bundles are touched during the procedure
  • FUE hair transplantation ensures patients to get natural hairlines* and the recovery of the method is very quick as within few months the patients can enjoy gorgeous and flawless look of thick hair*.

All these benefits of FUE hair Transplantation make it is number one choice for many patients who want to have beautiful and natural looking hair. The results of this method greatly depend on experience of the professionals and the techniques used. So, it is necessary to undergo this treatment under the supervision of certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Steps of FUE Methods

Although FUE hair transplantation is the ultimate alternative for baldness or hair loss, but it is necessary for the patients to understand the method before undergoing this treatment procedure. Let’s discuss some of the steps followed by the surgeons in FUE methods.

Consultation –The first step is consultation where the patients need to seek assistance from a certified surgeon or specialist that has specialization in FUE method. The doctor will analyze the issue and provide you with ultimate solutions for the hair loss considering few crucial factors. The nature and type of method to be implemented greatly depends on the problem of the patients and the severity of balding.

Hair Trimming – The second step is hair trimming where the surgeon trims down the hair at the back of the head so that the hair follicles can be plucked out easily. For surgical procedure it becomes necessary to trim down the hair.

Anesthesia – Since the procedure is conducted under local anesthesia, so you will be given local anesthesia to successfully complete FUE hair transplantation in pain free manner. Thereafter, the surgeon will start removing the donor tissue from back of your head.

Extraction – Depending upon the amount of Follicular Units required for transplantation, the surgeon will select and remove units one by one using specialized tools and equipments. The surgeon selects the FU carefully and separates them from surrounding tissues and then extracts it using forceps. Once hair follicle is extracted you may have small hole left behind which will heal automatically after few days.

Implantation –It is the final phase of FUE hair transplantation where the grafts are calculated and then prepared so as to transplant them in the bald areas. After preparing the hair tissues the bald area is prepared for final transplantation. The surgeon will make incisions in the balding areas where transplantation will be conducted and thereafter they will place the grafts vigilantly into the incisions made. These incisions will heal very quickly and you can again get back to your normal routine.

Body Hair-to-Scalp Transplants

Body hair to scalp transplant is basically a hair transplantation procedure which is conducted using FUE methods. It is also a non-scare and non-stitch method like FUE. As the name suggest, in this method the donor area of hair is not the back of the scalp, instead it can be extracted from any parts of the body including, stomach area, arms, legs, back, chest and bread. The surgeons harvest grafts from any particular part of the body and then transplant it to the bald area of the scalp. This method is basically suggested to patients having extreme baldness having very thin hair at scalp or has very less reserve.

Today, a large group of people are suffering from problem of baldness or hair loss and they don’t get satisfactory outcomes* from traditional transplantation procedures. So, for such people medical science has introduced body hair to scalp hair transplantation which is successfully performed today for remarkable results*.

Facial Hair-to-Scalp Transplants

Facial hair to scalp transplant is a good solution for patients suffering from advanced hair loss. If it is combined with existing donor supplies then definitely it can provide the patient with more graft placement options including, conservation of scalp hair, higher density and aggressive hairlines. It has been observed that when thick facial hair is coupled with thin scalp hair then it offers more natural and authentic look. So, patients who are looking for higher graft requirements may opt for facial hair to scalp hair transplantation.

Facial hair to scalp transplantation is conducted using the advanced FUE method. In this procedure the surgeon basically extract beard hair one by one by using handheld tools and needle device. Since it performed using FUE technique, so no staples or stitches are required and it has quick turnaround time compared to all other counterparts. However, patients may experience mild pain which can be alleviated using medications.

Before FUE Treatment

Before the patients undergo FUE hair transplantation they are required to come for few consultations with the doctor so that the severity of hair loss can be evaluated and exact treatment can be determined. Besides, the doctor will also ask the patient to undergo several tests to determine which treatment method would be suitable for the patient. Before the surgeon proceeds with the FUE hair transplantation they will ask the patient to follow certain crucial instructions so as to prepare them for the surgery day. Some of the instructions can be tailored as per the condition and needs of the patients.

On the day of the FUE surgery, patients are required to have bountiful breakfast and visit the clinic with thoroughly shampooed scalp. On arrival at the clinic, before pictures will be taken of your scalp, plus the donor region which is back of the head in most of the cases, will be shaved and hence the patient will be asked to enter the operation theater for the procedure.

After FUE Treatment

After the FUE hair transplantation is successfully completed, the patients will be asked to follow few post-operative instructions carefully, which include everything from showering to exercising. Patients will also be given some antibiotics, mild pain killers, and topical medications after the surgery to recover quickly. Post surgery, the hair transplant is barely visible after 10 days. The medications given to the patients after surgery are basically for the swelling which they may experience post surgery. Some of the patients may also have swelling in their forehead which will be alleviated easily with the medications provided to them after the surgery. The signs of wounds in the donor region may deplete automatically after few days of surgery.

After 10 weeks the newly transplanted hair starts growing* and after six months the hair will grow long enough* to be groomed easily and in some cases the transplanted hair fully grown within one year time*. After few months of surgery, before the transplanted hair starts growing, you may see some shedding of your original hair so that the transplanted area may temporarily look slightly thinner. This phase is referred as transient stage and it will be corrected automatically once new hair starts growing fully. It is basically not a matter of concern.

After Care of FUE Hair Transplantation

Post surgery some of the patients may experience swelling on their face or forehead and sometime it can be severe. However, this can managed easily with the mild medication prescribed by the surgeons and it will get alleviated within 5 days. Some of the patients may also have pain in their donor region and for such pain mild pain killers can help them reduce the pain.

However, it is very essential for the patients to follow the post-operative instructions provided to them by the surgeons for better outcomes. It is suggested that patients should always take low pressure showers post surgery for initially months. This will help scabs to go away and accelerate the process of making the operation invisible. Post surgery the patients are required to sleep with two pillows for initially two nights. But, patients with grafts implant in lower crown are strip scar are required to sleep on the side for first few nights. It is strictly no-no to bending, smoking, aspirin or exertion for initially 72 hours post surgery. Bicycling, jogging, heavy exercising and weight lifting can be resumed after 10 days of surgery.

When to Expect Results in FUE Hair Transplantation?

In FUE Hair Transplantation, most of the patients usually notice substantial growth of hair within 6 to 12 months* after hair transplantation. They notice significant visible results and hair growth in 12 months* and 80% of the hair usually grows in the initial 6 months* after transplantation. But, the final results of the transplantation can only be observed between 12-24 months*. Each patient is different and hence the growth may also differ from patients to patients. So, it is necessary for them to consult their surgeon regularly and if possible they may keep on taking photos to observe the difference, post surgery.

FUE Vs FUT Method

Hair transplantation is the process that is performed by extracting follicles or grafts from donor region and implant them into the areas of scanty growth or balding. There are actually two popular processes that are being widely used today for hair transplantation – FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. Both these methods are good solution for hair loss and baldness.

In FUT transplantation, the surgeon cuts a strip of scalp from the donor region and thereafter it is dissected into separate grafts for transplantation, while in FUE method the surgeon extracts individual follicular grafts or units from donor region one by one using specialized tools. It is quite complicated and daunting process and takes long hours. But it is painless and non-invasive process where few injections are given for numbing. The remaining process of hair implantation remains the same in both the methods. Small sites are created using needles in bald areas after numbing it and then grafts are placed carefully in the site of baldness.

  • Benefits of FUT – Huge bald area can be easily covered with lesser sittings with FUT method. Moreover, the resection rate in FUT method is quite lower, thus offering great results*. But, the resection rate greatly depends on the skills and experience of the surgeons.
  • Benefits of FUE – In this process there is no requirement of taking entire strip of scalp from donor region, so there is no need of stitches incisions in the process. Moreover, the rate of recovery in FUE method is quite higher where the patient can expect to resume their daily routine from next day of the surgery. Moreover, the patients don’t have any linear scar.

Both these hair transplantation processes involve surgical procedure and hence it is necessary for the patients to seek proper consultation from certified and highly qualified surgeons that can explain the entire process and benefits and disadvantages of both of the procedures clearly to the patient. The surgical process needs a complete day so try to block the entire day completely and get prepared mentally for the surgery. Read more about FUE Vs FUT (Comparison between 2 popular hair transplant methods FUE & FUT)

Cost of FUE Hair Transplantation at Care Well Medical Centre

Hair transplantation process is not an affordable affair indeed. Cost of the hair transplantation is crucial factor to consider when planning for hair loss treatment in Delhi. So, to address the need of the patients, Care Well Medical Center has come forth with affordable hair transplantation processes that are very reasonable to your pocket. The cost is only 50,000 for 6000 hair and this medical center work in a way resulting in least damages to the donor region and over 10% advantages compared to all its competitors in the market. This hair transplantation clinic is equipped with latest equipments and advanced technologies that are employed in transplantation procedures and the surgeons at this medical center are highly qualified and trained to carry out the transplantation process successfully.

Be it a larger FUE hair transplantation or small session, a lump sum amount is quoted to the patients to make the process affordable for the patients. The hair transplantation cost quoted to the patients includes surgeon’s fee, OT fees, patient room fee, medical consumables and more. The clinic also offers several attractive packages which also include pre surgery blood test, post transplantation surgery kit, growth factor therapy sessions, and more.

Care Well Medical Center endeavor to keep the cost affordable for patients that can easily fit the budget and don’t make any hole in the pockets of the patients while planning for FUE hair transplantation in Delhi.

So, Care Well Medical Center is the most economical hair transplantation center in Delhi that promises to bring smile to millions of face with affordable treatment procedures and effective outcomes.

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