Comparison between FUE and FUT Methods

  • FUT is the old method of hair transplantation, while FUE is the most advanced and result oriented method which is widely availed by patients for better outcomes. The primary difference between FUT and FUE methods is the way the follicle units are extracted. In FUT method the follicle units are extracted with strip technique from the back of the scalp with hairs on it and then hair follicles are extracted. It is the surgical procedure which leaves behind scars on donor region. However, in FUE method individual follicular units are extracted directly from the donor region and implanted directly in recipient area. This is the safe and quickest method of hair transplantation.
  • FUT method leaves behind narrow linear scar on the donor area and it is visible after transplant. But, it is not in case of FUE method as it is a non-invasive technique for hair transplantation. No big cut, no pain & no scar during or after the FUE procedure.
  • Moreover, FUE hair transplantation is the most preferred and advanced method for hair transplantation that offer exceptional results to patients suffering from baldness or hair loss, while FUT is the old method which is availed by patients when they need cheaper option for hair transplantation.
  • The healing period of FUE is very fast and quick and patients never feel discomfort or pain after the transplantation, while patients undergoing FUT method may need to wait longer for recovery and in some cases patients may also suffer from severe pain which can be alleviated with medications.
  • FUE is the perfect hair transplantation method for patients with little donor hair and also for patients who don’t want to experience pain or scar after transplantation. FUT hair transplantation is the old and best method for patients who are looking for cheaper options.

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