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Why to go for just FUE Hair Transplant when Advanced BIO-FUE Hair Transplant is here

hair transplant in Delhi


  • Complete Diagnosis of skin & hair by Dermoscopy
  • Analysing root cause of the problem
  • Combination of treatments for best results
  • Advanced BIO-FUE method
  • 6 Months follow up Free
  • 3 PRP + 2 Mesotherapy + 12 LLLT Free
  • Bollywood/Designer hairline
  • No root touch technology
  • Minimum graft transaction
  • Best hair angle graft transplant
  • Latest technology adopted to enhance graft survival
  • Team trained by leading National & International hair transplant surgeon
  • Member of AHRS & ISHRS


Advanced BIO-FUE + Growth Booster Combo (3 PRP + 2 Mesotherapy + 12 LLLT)Free +
6 Months Follow-upFree

Starting @ Rs. 29,999 ONLY!

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Offer for Unlimited Grafts

Few words from a satisfied patient, sharing his delightful experience during & after Hair Transplant

shiva chandra
1 review

I have hair transplant in care well medical center. I am happy with the growth of my hair. I am thankful to Dr sandip bhasin,Reena handa and teams for enriching my personality by hair transplant.

aryan yadav
2 review

Best clinic with professional staff, best sitting arrangement and much cleanness in clinic.For hair transplantation please go there.

Why should you choose us?

Hair Transplant by Latest Technique

We use BIO-FUE method, which is the latest method used worldwide for best results. With FUE, No Cut, No Stitches, No Scars, No Pain & No Hospitalisation.

Hair Transplant by Dr. Bhasin (Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon)

Dr. Bhasin has 17 years of experience and had performed 1000s of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants.

Making Quality Hair Transplant Affordable

We use latest technology and quality products for best results. We made hair transplant affordable and have introduced definite value for money packages for you.

Multiple Technique Approach for Best Results in Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction

Benefits of FUE Method

benefits of FUE hair transplant

  • No Stitches, No Scars
  • Single Day Procedure
  • Painless
  • 100% Natural Growth
  • Long Lasting Results


at Care Well Medical Centre

Hair transplant bnefits at care Well

  • Hair Transplant performed by Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Sandeep Bhasin (Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • 4000 Grafts in a single session
  • Multiple Therapies with growth stimulator for best results
  • Free Consultation
  • We made the hair transplant affordable for you
  • Value for Money Packages

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Therapy for Better Hair Growth

PRP hair transplant in Delhi

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a progressive new treatment for hair misfortune. Numerous hair transplant specialists are as of now utilizing this engineering within their hair substitution surgery. To begin with, a measure of blood between 60-100ml is taken from the patient and centrifuged.

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hair transplant
hair transplantation in delhi
hair transplant before after

before after hair transplant at care Well
hair transplant at care well
hair transplantation at care well

hair transplant
hair transplantation in delhi
hair transplant before after


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About Our Care Well

This hair transplant clinic is highly dedicated in providing best in class services at affordable rates. The clinic focuses on offering hair transplantation and hair loss treatment with dedicated team of highly trained professionals who put all their efforts in providing comprehensive range of treatments and products that are prepared in adherence to advanced technologies and procedures, including Anti-aging. Care Well Medical Clinic also focuses on offering specialized training sessions to all its employees to keep them updated with the latest trends and treatment procedures.

The team at Care Well Medical Centre is led by the highly qualified, trained and internationally recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, MS. Dr. Bhasin is the renowned and household name in the field of cosmetic surgery and Laparoscopic surgery. He boasts rare distinction of having experience and expertise of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has specialization in the field of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of face (Face lift, Neck lift, brow lift or forehead lift), Eyelid Eye bags, Nose or nose reshaping surgery, Hair Transplant or Hair Transplantation, Body contouring including Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Body reshaping, Breast Augmentation, scar less & classical breast reduction, Scar less Gynecomastia, Male Breast Reduction, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery of Male & Female Genitals...

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Reasons of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Naturally, our hair grow approximately 1 centimeter every month and if the growth is abnormal or slow, then it is the matter of concern as this is the cause of baldness or hair loss to some women and men.

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What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is basically a surgical procedure where individual hair follicles are moved from a region of your body, referred as donor site, to the bald area of the body, which is referred as recipient site.

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When you should Go for Hair Transplant?

Timing for hair transplantation should be considered vigilantly. In most of the cases, teens start losing hair in their early years and going for transplantation in twenties is not a good decision indeed as the original hair may start falling off after few years,

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ankur rao
1 review

Went for hair transplant in month of May 2017 with 2000 hair grafts. The results are extremely good as expected after 6 months and it will get better with time. Highly recommended.

Rashid Khan
1 review

They are the best treatment provider for hair translation. I did not even realised and the transplant was done

Rajesh Kumar
3 review

I am feeling nice after your hair transplant treatment.

Dimple Kumar
1 review

I had my hair transplant on 28th Feb 2017. After 7 months I have only one word to explain my experience with Care Well Medical Centre i.e AWESOME. Dr Sandeep Bhasin, Dr Reena and all other staff are very Co-operative. A big thanks to all of them.

Pankaj Panwar
1 review

I am very happy to complete my hair transplant surgery from care well medical centre my overall experience was completely good. Thanx to doctor Sandeep Bhasin and entire team of care well

Sumit Kashyap
2 review

I Had Done My Hair Transplant from Care Well Medical Centre and My Result is Awesome. Thank You Dr.Sandeep Bhasin and All Staff.

Rohit Nath
1 review

Care Well Medical Centre Hair Transplant Results is awesome, will defiantly recommend other Person for the hair transplant.

samraath baisoya
4 review

Yes nice doctor sandeep and reena all teams world no is university very popular doctor sandeep my nose and hair transplant Surgery my best-2 treatment low prices good doctor sandeep thnx sir


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